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If you think we have made a mistake in assessing your benefit, or if you do not understand how your claim was calculated, you can write to the Benefits team for an explanation. This is called a 'Statement of Reasons'. If you disagree with a decision you have the right to challenge it, this is called 'Requesting a Review' and must also be done in writing.

You also have the right to appeal against a decision and to have your appeal heard by the Appeals Service at an Appeal Tribunal. If you have any feedback or wish to make a complaint, please go 'I have a problem' at the top of this page.


Benefits Team office hours - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 09.00-16.30, Wednesday: 10.00-16.30, Friday: 09.00-15.30

Benefits Team

Telephone: 01620 827 730

PO Box 13261, Haddington, EH41 3YG

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