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The Scottish Government introduced mandatory licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in October 2000 and these require to be licensed by Environmental  Protection. 

An HMO is a house which is the only or principal residence of three or more unrelated persons or family units where they share use of a toilet, personal washing facilities or cooking facilities. 

Fees (From 1st April 2017)

Licence fees are as follows:

  • 3 - 5 Occupants                 £420.00
  • 6 -10 Occupants                £680.00
  • 11-20 Occupants               £1,040.00
  • 21-30 Occupants               £1,250.00
  • 31-40 Occupants               £1,455.00
  • 41-50 Occupants               £1,665.00
  • 51-75 Occupants               £2,180.00
  • 76-100 Occupants             £2,700.00
  • 101-200 Occupants           £3,740.00
  • 201+ Occupants                £4,775.00

Additional Inspections after the first inspection for each licence application £50.00 per officer.

Licence Variations:

  • Change of Ownership Prior to Grant of Licence          £150.00*
  • Change to Day to Day Manager or Agent                  £150.00
  • Change of Occupancy                                             £150.00
  • Change of Physical Layout of the Property                £150.00

* Where a change of ownership occurs after the grant of a licence, then a brand new application in the names of the new owners is required, along with payment of the full application fees.

Duplicate Licences will be issued upon payment of £25.00

Fees will be altered in line with the Retail Prices Index on the first day of April each year.

Licences generally last for 3 years but the Licence period can be shortened if deemed necessary.

A refund of 20% is granted to unsuccessful applicants for Licences.

Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Licensing

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