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Graphic - SafelinkMilk, butter, eggs - if you have an illness or allergy there's another essential item you should add to your fridge.

The Safelink Message in a Bottle is a simple yet effective way to let emergency or care services know of any vital health issues, allergies or medications that affect you.

Photo - SafelinkUsing it couldn't be easier. You simply complete the short form with essential information about any conditions or medications, as well as next of kin, carer and GP details. There are three Safelink stickers included: attach one to the bottle, one to the door of your fridge and the third in another prominent position such as the inside your front door beside the lock or beside your telephone.

If emergency services do come to your house, they will spot the Safelink stickers and find the bottle in your fridge. The information within it will help them to treat you in an appropriate way.

To get a FREE Message in a Bottle, call us on 01620 827524 or email communitycare@eastlothian.gov.uk.

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