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Frequently Asked Questions: Parking

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Parking FAQs

Q: Why is East Lothian Council (ELC) improving parking in North Berwick?

East Lothian Council agreed a three year strategy to improve parking provision in North Berwick in March 2015.  This followed various studies since 2000 and a public consultation which showed that there was a need and public support to introduce a number of parking related interventions in North Berwick.

Q: Why does North Berwick need additional parking supply?

Q: What is the North Berwick Parking Strategy?

Q: Why does ELC want to upgrade existing car parking at Castlehill car park?

Q: What improvements are being specified at the Castlehill car park?

Q: What material changes will there be to the beach as a consequence of the upgrade and increase in capacity of the Castlehill car park?

Q: Why are sustainable (active travel) and park and ride options not being considered?

Q: Why does ELC want to upgrade the existing car parking at Tantallon Terrace Car Park?

Q: What happens next?

Q: Why are parking charges being introduced to East Lothian`s coastal car parks?

Q: How many coastal car parks are there in East Lothian?

Q: Under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2004 people have the right of responsible access in the outdoors, so how can you charge for access to the coastal sites?

Q: Why are you planning to apply the parking charges throughout the year when the main visitor period is during the summer?

Q: Where can I buy an annual pass?

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