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Food labelling

Specific information and claims on labels

Specific information

Specific information must be included on the label if any of the following applies to the food/drink:

  • the strength (i.e. the percentage of alcohol per volume) of alcoholic drinks
  • foods or ingredients that have been irradiated must be labelled 'irradiated' or 'treated with ionising radiation'
  • foods containing genetically modified ingredients must be labelled 'prepared from genetically modified 'x' (e.g. soya, wheat)
  • foods that have had their shelf lives increased by being packaged in certain gases must be marked 'packaged in a protective atmosphere'
  • foods which contain sweeteners (e.g. aspartame or polyols) need to specifically mention this on their labels alongside the food name
  • products containing skimmed milk together with non-milk fat which are not specifically formulated for babies and young children must be labelled with a warning that the product is not suitable for feeding babies

Labelling claims

Additional information (including nutritional information) has to be given if a food:

  • makes any sort of slimming claim
  • claims that it has extra vitamins or minerals
  • claims that it is low in some nutrient

This information has to be stated in a certain way.

Special rules apply to food being labelled as organic, while there are guidelines that have to be followed when words such as 'natural' are used on a label.

Other labelling requirements apply where an ingredient has been given special emphasis, and special considerations apply to the use of illustrations on labels.

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