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Food labelling

Labelling provisions: exemptions, reductions and additional requirements

Exemptions and reductions

In some cases conditions are in place which allow some labelling provisions to be reduced or some information to be given on associated notices. These apply to:

  • bread
  • flour
  • confectionery
  • edible ices
  • cows milk

Food is termed pre-packed for direct sale when it is packed by sellers for sale from:

  • the premises where it is packed 
  • other premises they own that are trading under the same name
  • their market stall
  • their mobile premises

This also allows some labelling provisions to be reduced and/or some information to be given on associated notices.

Additional labelling requirements

Some products also require specific additional information, including:

  • chocolate, which must carry information on the percentage of cocoa solids it contains (labels on milk chocolate products must show the percentage of milk solids contained)
  • beef, which must carry information about its specific origin (allowing its source to be traced by the buyer)
  • baby food, which must include a statement on the minimum age of child for which it is suitable and specific nutritional information

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