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Sustainable development and climate change

Adaptation & Resilience

Adapting to climate change is looking at the consequences of climate change and how we respond to them.  It is a complex, cross-cutting issue.  The UK Climate Impact Projections show that in the future East Lothian will face:

• Hotter, drier summers;
• Milder, wetter winters;
• Rising sea levels; and
• An increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

These changes will present many challenges to the delivery of Council services and the wider community in East Lothian, but there will also be opportunities, for example as one of the sunniest areas of Scotland we are comparatively well placed to take advantage of solar energy.

To help understand how these future changes might impact East Lothian the Council undertook a Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) in 2010.  The LCLIP provides a detailed evaluation of severe weather events in East Lothian between 2000 and 2010 and the responses to these events.  The report can be viewed in full on the Adaptation Scotland website.

The Council is also working to improve local resilience to environmental, social and economic change and has made a commitment to adapt to climate chnage mpacts in the East Lothian Plan (Single Outcome Agreement) 2013-23).

As a first step towards fulfilling this commitment a workshop was held in November 2011, in partnership with Sustaining Dunbar, to raise-awareness of resilience issues among community planning partners and gather ideas of ways in which to improve our resilience going forward. 

To see the feedback from this event please click the link below:

• A More Resilient East Lothian – Workshop Feedback

In June 2014, ELC submitted a successful application to Adaptation Scotland’s Adaptation Learning Exchange (ALE).  The scheme will run for six months until December 2014 and will support a number of public bodies to overcome common adaptation planning challenges as part of a peer supported group.  The lessons from ALE will be shared with public bodies nationally and will inform future adaptation planning practices in Scotland and beyond.  ALE will allow partners to explore the following core themes:

  • Communicating adaptation and building the business case
  • Embedding adaptation in existing organisational processes
  • Overcoming barriers and sharing experiences

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