East Lothian Council

External Consultations

Planning proposals where East Lothian Council is not the decision-maker

East Lothian Council is sometimes consulted by other planning authorities on development proposals.  These may be proposals in other Council areas that could have an impact on East Lothian.  Others can be for developments that are within the East Lothian Council area but where the decision will not be taken by East Lothian Council but rather by another body such as the Scottish Government.

Information on the differnt types of proposals that East Lothian Council has been consulted on can be accessed via the links below.

If you wish to make your own comments on any of these proposals remember that East Lothian Council is not the decision-maker and therefore your comments should be sent to the relevant authority, not to East Lothian Council.  However, you may also wish to send a copy of your comments to East Lothian Council for our information by emailing policy&projects@eastlothian.gov.uk.

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