East Lothian Council

Dog Warden Services

Stray and nuisance dogs and dead animals


Stray dogs

The Council, in partnership with the police, collects stray dogs.

Wherever possible, we return them to their owners. If this isn't possible, they are taken to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (telephone: 0131 669 5331).

If you have any details about a dog you think may be a stray, please phone us on 01875 824305 during normal office hours.

Outwith office hours, you should contact the police on 0131 311 3131.

Dangerous and nuisance dogs

If you are worried that a dog is dangerous, you should phone the Council or Police Scotland immediately so that we can respond quickly.

If you are having a problem with a nuisance dog (e.g. a dog that barks continually or behaves aggressively) you can apply to the Sheriff Court for an order to stop the annoyance.

Find out more in our nuisance dogs advisory leaflet.

Dead animals

If you find a dead animal in a public place (including birds or mammals washed up on a beach or hit by a car) please phone us on 01875 824305 and we will arrange for its proper disposal.

Unfortunately we don't collect dead pet animals from houses - owners are responsible for proper disposal in this case.

Most vets offer a sympathetic cremation service for a small charge. It is also acceptable to bury a dead pet in your garden as long as you own the garden and don't rent it or share it with other households.

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