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Air Quality in East Lothian

Local Air Quality Management

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Like all local authorities, East Lothian Council has an important role in delivering the National Air Quality Strategy. We adhere to a national three year cycle for screening, assessing and managing local air quality, and publicly report on our progress. You can download these Air Quality Reports.

We screen levels of seven main air pollutants. If necessary we will make a detailed assessment for any pollutant that might go above acceptable levels, and may even declare an Air Quality Management Area, with a plan to reduce the level of those pollutant(s).

Assessment of levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulates (PM10) in ambient air

Monitoring of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is carried out throughout the County on a monthly basis using passive diffusion tubes. A permanent automatic monitoring station is also located on North High Street, Musselburgh.

Monitoring of particulates (PM10) is carried out in Musselburgh using an automatic monitor located on North High Street.

Information on air quality levels within Musselburgh can be accessed through the Scottish air quality database website.

Air Quality Management Order

An order declaring an air quality management area came into effect on 13 November 2013.

The air quality order covers the area around the High Street (A199), Musselburgh from its junction with Newbigging and extending westwards to the junction with Bridge Street and Mall Avenue.

Air Quality Action Plan

In February 2017 the Council published it’s Air Quality Action Plan for Musselburgh. The Plan outlines 13 measures which the Council has identified to tackle road traffic related pollution in Musselburgh and ensure pollution is reduced to acceptable levels.

The Air Quality Action Plan is now available, you can also view other Air Quality Reports.

The East Central Scotland Vehicle Emissions Partnership

The East Central Scotland Vehicle Emissions Partnership (VEP) is a partnership between four councils (East Lothian, Mid Lothian, West Lothian, and Falkirk Councils) which has been running for over a decade.

The partnership actively deal with reports from members of the public who identify vehicles which are excessively smoky and also vehicles sitting stationary with their engines running unnecessarily. The main function of the partnership is to raise awareness of vehicle emissions and the impacts on air quality amongst the general public.

Further information on the work of the partnership can be found on the Switch off and Breathe website.

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