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Consent to place apparatus in a road

How to get consent to install services in a road

Transportation Division consent is needed to carry out new building, maintenance or demolition work on a property if works need to be carried out in the public road (e.g. carriageway, footpath, footway or cycleway) to provide new/maintain existing services such as: 

  • water supply
  • sewage
  • electricity
  • gas
  • telephone

This is referred to as a Section 109 Consent.

Depending on the location and extent of the works, there could be a lead-in or registration period of up to three months; this gives the Road Network Division enough time to consider, approve and register (or reject) the application.

Consent conditions

Conditions relating to the specific location and nature of the works are normally issued with the consent.

Traffic management is an integral part of this type of consent and you should provide a written statement of the specific measures needed for your works. 

  • about Consents
  • application form No1
  • contractor proforma No2
  • notes for guidance No3 
  • standard conditions No8
  • to arrange a meeting to discuss a Consent please telephone 01620 827713
  • information required for the Section 109 Consent meeting (see text below)
  • Consent charges

To get these documents go to Related Downloads at the bottom of this page.

Consent meeting 

We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your consent. You will need to provide us with:

  • the names of the streets that will be affected
  • an explanation of the type of work that is to be carried out
  • the duration of the works (dates to and from)
  • details of any parking or loading bays that will be affected
  • details of any streets that will need to be closed
  • a location plan at 1:1,250 scale showing the location of the premises
  • a site plan at 1:50 scale showing boundary, kerb and building lines and line , level and materials to be used

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