East Lothian Council

Winter road maintenance

The service you can expect

Ready ScotlandEast Lothian Council is responsible for providing a winter maintenance service on adopted roads throughout East Lothian. Our aim is to provide an effective and efficient service, within the resources we have available, to allow pedestrians and vehicles to move safely, depending on weather conditions. In severe weather, we treat up to 600km of roads and around 30km of footpaths.

Our priorities

Where possible, we treat major roads and important bus routes before ice forms. When it snows, these important routes are treated first. We operate this service over 24 hours if necessary.

Once these main, or primary routes have been completed, we treat secondary routes and finally what are classed as tertiary and minor routes, such as those in housing estates, during normal working hours.

We also deal with footpaths on a priority basis. Given our limited resources, footpaths are not normally pre-gritted. In ice and snow, footpaths leading to schools, hospitals, health centres and shopping areas are treated first, along with those where a lot of people walk. Main routes to residential areas follow, with footpaths within housing areas being treated as resources allow.

Grit bins are also positioned throughout East Lothian for public use.

A1 trunk road

The A1 trunk road is maintained by AMEY on behalf of the Scottish Government. The contact numbers for AMEY Scotland are given below. 

  • AMEY Scotland 24 hour contact number: 0800 420 188 

Environmental Services

Telephone: 01875 824305

Out of hours emergency contact

Telephone: 01875 612818

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