East Lothian Council

East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Planning Groups

The Seven Strategic Groups - June 2017

We are now establishing seven groups, each consisting of a multi-stakeholder themed Strategic Group with a corresponding Working Group which consists of key officers from the Partnership. Each group has a proposed focused remit and these are set out below. Remits will be finalised and agreed when the group is established and the first meeting held.

The groups are:

  1. Dementia Strategic Group and Dementia Working Group - remit focus: Development of a local Dementia Strategy and work plan
  2. Carers Strategic  Group Cares Working Group - remit focus: Development of a local Carers Strategy and work plan
  3. Mental Health Strategic Group and Mental Health Working Group - remit focus: East Lothian Mental Health Strategy / Develop links with local Autism Strategy / Develop Suicide Prevention Strategy and work plan
  4. Learning Disability Strategic Group and Learning Disability Working Group - remit focus: East Lothian Learning Disability and work plan.
  5. Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment Strategy and Working Group - remit focus: East Lothian Physical Disability & Sensory Impairment strategy and work plan
  6. Palliative Care Strategic Group and Palliative Care Working Group - remit focus: Lothian IJBs have agreed to a target ‘That no more than 10% of the last six months in life is spent on average in the large hospital setting by 2018/19’.
  7. Primary Care Strategic Group and Primary Care Working Group - remit focus: Produce a strategy, to support and develop work within the quality clusters and to develop service delivery models to support primary care services across the county.

Lead roles, key managers and planning and performance officers have been assigned to each group and are in the process of setting these groups up. The groups are at differing stages of being established but once set up dates and venues for the various groups will be publicised to interested parties.

All the groups above will have as part of their remit a focus on Early Intervention and Prevention. Links will also be established to other groups including the Community Planning Partnership groups,  with the health improvement agendas and the Health Improvement Alliance, homelessness and addictions through Mid & East Lothian Drug and Alcohol Partnership (MELDAP).

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