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Community payback orders

What is a Community Payback Order?

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The Community Payback Order came into force in Scotland on 1 February 2011 and replaced provisions for Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Supervised Attendance Orders.

The Community Payback Order consists of a number of requirements. From these, the court may select one or more in deciding on the make up of the Order. These can be tailored specifically to each offender based on the nature of their crime and the underlying issues which are fuelling it, and which may need to be addressed in order to stop them re-offending in the future.

For example: the Order might include a requirement to carry out hours of unpaid work in the community with benefits for the community, completion of intensive supervision, alcohol, drug or behavioural programmes.

Clearing pathways of snow and ice, building eco-plant areas for school children, repainting community centres or churches, cleaning up beaches, growing vegetables and distributing the produce to care homes and local charities, are just a few of the unpaid work activities being carried out by offenders in communities across Scotland.

Numbers Imposed

Figures for the number of Community Payback Orders imposed from February 2011 are now available online from the Scottish Government website.


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