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Diversion from Prosecution

Diversion from Prosecution Scheme

The Procurator Fiscal can request a Diversion Report from the criminal justice team when they believe that formal criminal justice proceedings are not necessary.

This could be in cases involving young or first offenders, for minor offences or where there is no overriding public interest for a prosecution.

If the accused person agrees that they committed the offence, instead of prosecuting them in Court, the Procurator Fiscal can request a Diversion Report.

This would be prepared by a social worker from the criminal justice team. They would meet with the person one or more times and prepare the Diversion Report. The report addresses:

  • the offence
  • the reasons it happened
  • any difficulties the accused may have
  • what services might be of assistance to prevent re-offending

The criminal justice team might work with the person for a short time or refer them to another agency.

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