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Throughcare is the process of social work supervision and support of an offender from the time that they receive a prison sentence at Court until they are released from prison and have completed any Licence or Order.

This may be a Parole Licence, Non Parole Licence, Extended Sentence or Supervised Release Order.

The criminal justice social worker meets with prison staff and the prisoner before he/she is released and assesses the risk that they might re-offend. They will agree on what controls and supports need to be put in place for their release.

The social worker will visit the family and the person throughout their Licence/Order. The social worker is also responsible for reporting to the Parole Board if the conditions are not kept.

The social worker and the prisoner will work together to help reduce the risk of re-offending and to assist the person to settle constructively back into the community.

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (based at the University of Edinburgh) have developed a criminal justice throughcare map, which explains this process.

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