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Criminal Justice social work in East Lothian

East Lothian Criminal Justice Service

East Lothian Criminal Justice Service is based in Brunton Hall, Musselburgh and covers the whole of the East Lothian area.

The criminal justice team works with offenders to reduce re-offending by:

  • assessing and managing the risk that a person might pose to the community
  • addressing their offending behaviour
  • working on problems that might be connected to offending behaviour  

The services covered by criminal justice include:

 Providing assessments including:

Supervision of Statutory Orders made by Courts including:

Supervision of statutory Throughcare Licences for people who are about to be or have been released from prison. These licences include:

  • Parole
  • Life Licence
  • Non Parole Licence
  • Extended Sentence
  • Supervised Release Orders     

East Lothian criminal justice service works in partnership with other local authorities, statutory services and voluntary organisations as a member of Lothian and Borders Community Justice Authority (CJA).

Community Justice Authorities were set up by the Scottish Government to ensure that a range of statutory and voluntary agencies work together to provide services that are aimed at reducing re-offending rates.    The work done by the criminal justice team is set out in the law, in government guidelines and in the National Objectives and Standards for Social Work Services in the Criminal Justice System.  

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