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Community Alarm Service

What is the Community Alarm Service?

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The Community Alarm Service is a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year monitoring operation providing peace of mind for people who feel they are at risk in their home due to disability, illness, isolation or vulnerability.

How does it work? 

Service users are given an alarm unit that plugs into a standard telephone socket. The alarm unit has a button and is activated by:  

  • pressing the button to get help
  • using a small remote control pendant which is usually worn around your neck (the pendant's range means you can use it throughout your home)

Additional assistive technology sensors are also available (eg flood detectors, smoke alarms, bed sensors, epilepsy sensors or door monitoring wandering sensors).

When you trigger your alarm, it sends a signal down your phone line to the alarm centre, where your call is answered by one of our highly trained alarm operators.  They can automatically tell who has called and will respond quickly, and they can speak to you without you having to lift your telephone receiver.

In an emergency, the operator will get in touch with someone you have agreed should be contacted in such circumstances and/or the appropriate emergency service. Your operator will also explain any action that is being taken on your behalf.

If you cannot speak for any reason, your operator will call you on your phone.  If you do not reply, they will contact one of your keyholders or the emergency services so that someone can check you are alright. 

Do not worry if you trigger your alarm by accident; the operator will check you are okay and if you tell them that you do not need any help, they will end the call.


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