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Care homes in East Lothian (residential care)

Choosing a care home

Choosing a care home

If you want to enter any care home (nursing or residential) in East Lothian, and would like support from us, you must have an assessment carried out by one of our social workers.

This is to make sure that residential care will be appropriate for you. It will also take into account the view of your family or carers.

Can I choose where I live?

After your needs have been assessed, you can choose a care home. We will endeavour to meet the home of your choice, but this may not always be possible. This will depend on the vacancies available in the care home at the time.

The Care Inspectorate's website explains how they inspect all care homes. Their reports will tell you about the quality of each home.

You can also visit homes and have a look around.  This allows you to meet staff and residents and find out about the care provided. 

What happens if I arrange my own residential care?

You can choose a care home and make your own arrangements to move, if you wish. This may have implications concerning the terms of service that we can offer you. These include the rate charged, which might be higher than our agreed rate.

Any payments towards a care home place can only be made once an assessment is completed. If you require funding, it is important that you ask for an assessment before deciding about moving to a care home.

If you move to a care home independently, and, following a needs assessment, we conclude that you do not need a care home placement, we would not provide funding for your placement. 


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