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Footway repairs and maintenance

Maintenance of roads and footways within East Lothian

East Lothian Council as Roads Authority is responsible for maintaining 980,000 sq m of adopted footways and footpaths within the county.

Not only are adopted footpaths maintained by the Road Network Management division, but a number of footways are maintained by other divisions within the Council, namely Community Housing and Property Management and Landscape and Countryside Management.

There are also some private footways within the county that the Council does not maintain.

If you want to find out whether a footway is adopted by the Council, please contact our Roads Helpline: 01875 824305.

Managing the road network

In managing the road network, the Council has adopted the Code of Practice for Maintenance Management - Delivering Best Value in Highway Maintenance (issued by the Department for Transport), which provides local authorities with guidance on highways management.

Safety and service inspections are undertaken at set inspection intervals; faults are recorded and programmed for action according to their risk assessment rating. The level and speed of response will vary depending on:

  • the position of the footway in the hierarchy 
  • the budget we have available
  • the scale and location of the fault

More extensive programmed footway renewals are carried out according to the Council's Needs Assessment Policy, which assesses and rates individual locations for comparison against other locations in East Lothian to ensure funding is targeted where the need for work is greatest.

The carriageway and footway needs assessment documents can be read at the available downloads at the bottom of the page

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