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Safer routes to school

Travelling safely to and from school

How children travel to school is recognised as having an impact on:

  • their safety
  • their health and personal development
  • the environment in which they live

The Scottish Government has given local authorities powers to help schools develop Safer Routes to Schools programmes and School Travel Plans (STPs).

Safer Routes to Schools programmes and STPs

Safer Routes to School programmes aim to promote safer, more environmentally sustainable and healthier ways to travel to and from school.

Programmes include an investigation of school travel patterns and are usually carried out with a commitment to an STP. STPs often identify engineering and educational measures necessary to improve health and safety, including:

  • pedestrian crossings
  • improved footways
  • traffic calming
  • road safety education, training and publicity
  • health information
  • personal security advice

By developing an STP, schools demonstrate a commitment to promoting a safer, cleaner and more attractive school environment. In addition to this, STP health, safety and environmental messages can contribute significantly to other projects such as:

  • Health for Schools
  • Safe Schools
  • Eco-Schools
  • the Steps to Safety Charter (in primary schools) 

Our School Travel Co-ordinator works to progress STPs and the Steps to Safety Charter.

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