East Lothian Council

Traffic management schemes

How we identify and implement road safety schemes

East Lothian Council is responsible for proposing and implementing traffic management schemes to:

  • solve specific problems
  • make the use of roads more efficient
  • reduce road accidents and congestion

The need for a scheme may be identified by local residents/businesses contacting us to request a traffic review in areas where they think there is a problem or a regular accident record in a particular area.

There is no single solution to problems associated with traffic management, and a combination of measures is normally applied.


The Council consults the local community before introducing traffic management schemes.

Some schemes require the advertisement of a formal Notice in the press and must allow a period of time for objections to be lodged. Any objections are considered and schemes may need to be re-designed (with further Notices being published) before a legally enforceable Traffic Regulation Order can be made and the scheme introduced.

Sample measures

  • Kerb build-outs improve visibility and make pedestrians more conspicuous to drivers
  • Self-enforcing width restrictions in areas restrict larger vehicle speed and access
  • One way streets, banned turns and no entry areas can control traffic movements and help stop 'rat runs'; however, one way streets can lead to an increase in traffic speed and short lengths can be difficult to enforce
  • Road closures are an effective, self-enforcing means of stopping through-vehicle movements
  • Disabled facilities such as tactile paving, audible signals and tactile conical "thimbles"
  • Junction entry treatments raise the priority for pedestrians crossing junctions and are often build in association with a speed table, kerb build-out or gateway features
  • Traffic signals optimise and control traffic at a junction by sharing time between drivers and pedestrians (Pedestrian crossings)

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