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How much do I have to pay and when?

In April each year, you will receive a bill showing how much your business rates will be for the new financial year.

Business rates are normally paid in ten monthly instalments starting in May and ending in February, although alternative methods of payment are available.

For any subsequent bill issued throughout the financial year, your monthly instalments will start in the following month and will end in February.

No instalments will be available for bills issued after December.  These bills are payable in full on the 15th of the following month.

If you would like more information about paying your business rates, contact our business rates team.

Switch to direct debit

The simplest and most convenient way to pay your business rates is by direct debit.  This payment option offers an easy and hassle-free way to pay your regular business expenses, helping to avoid payments being missed.  

Customers are protected by, and should be reassured by, the direct debit guarantee, offered by all Banks involved in the direct debit scheme.  You're protected by 3 important safeguards:

  • An immediate money back guarantee from your Bank in the event of an error
  • Advance notice if the date or amount changes
  • The right to cancel at any time 
To switch to direct debit, complete an online instruction

Pay online

East Lothian Council offers a 24 hour online payment service for customers wishing to make a payment by debit or credit card.  If you pay by credit card, a surcharge will be added to cover the Bank charges incurred by the Council.

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