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What happens if you don't pay your business rates?

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If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to pay your business rates, it is important that you contact us immediately.  

The longer you ignore a debt problem, the worse the situation becomes.

If you pay by monthly instalments and the equivalent of 4 instalments have not been paid by 30 September, or if you miss 2 instalments after 30 September, you will lose the right to pay by instalments and you will need to pay the balance due for the year in full.  

At this stage you will be issued with a final notice requesting payment in full within 14 days.  If you do not pay the balance owed, a summary warrant will be issued to recover the debt owed and a 10% statutory surcharge will be added.

Our business rates team are available to assist if you are experiencing financial difficulties, so make sure you get in touch immediately if you are unable to pay on time. 

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