East Lothian Council

Antisocial Behaviour

Don't suffer in Silence

Are you suffering from the behaviour of your neighbours, or those who live round about you?

Make use of East Lothian's dedicated team, tackling antisocial behaviour. Activiites which count as antisocial, include:

  • constant loud noise or disturbance from a neighbour
  • drunken disorder
  • intimidating or threatening behaviour
  • violence
  • vandalism and graffiti

How we will help solve your problem

You can call 01875 824 307, or report antisocial behaviour online.

Your feedback about the problems round about you will help us to pinpoint the behavioural issues in your community, and how it has been affected by nuisance, vandalism, graffiti and other problems.

Further information and sources of help

Communities in East Lothian are urged to stand up to antisocial behaviour.

If you want to know more about your housing options, click on the link or call 01620 827827 and ask for your Local Housing Office - they will be happy to help

Telephone: 01875 824 307

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