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Play and Early Learning

Why play is important

Children playing in a nursery

Play is how children develop, and sometimes it has been called the true work of a child.

Children are busy when they are playing, and they are learning when they play. For example, when children are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding, building, knocking down, climbing, running, and play acting they are learning.

Play is fun for children – but it is also how they get ready for school. As parents we can help by providing opportunities to help develop the full range of skills and attributes needed at school

Provide opportunities for your child to use all his / her developing skills:

  • large muscle skills – running, climbing, pulling, pushing
  • small muscle skills – drawing, painting, catching
  • social skills – turn taking, sharing, cooperating, initiating
  • emotional skills – showing feelings, caring
  • language skills – listening, rhyming, singing, telling stories
  • thinking skills – exploring, planning, matching, problem-solving.

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