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How to make a question, comment or complaint

Social Work Complaints report
Our IJB complaints handling procedure reflects our commitment to valuing complaints.  It seeks to resolve dissatisfaction as close as possible to the point of service delivery and to conduct thorough, impartial and fair investigations of complaints so that, where appropriate, we can make evidence-based decisions on the facts of the case.

The procedure introduces a standardised approach to handling complaints across integration authorities, which complies with the SPSO’s guidance on a model complaints handling procedure.  This procedure aims to help us ‘get it right first time’. We want quicker, simpler and more streamlined complaints handling with local, early resolution.

Complaints give us valuable information we can use in terms of how we fulfil our responsibilities.  Our complaints handling procedure will enable us to address dissatisfaction and may also prevent the same problems that led to the complaint from happening again.  Handled well, complaints can give customers a form of redress when things go wrong, and can also help us continuously improve.

Resolving complaints early saves money and creates better customer relations.  Sorting them out as close to the point of service delivery as possible means we can deal with them locally and quickly, so they are less likely to escalate to the next stage of the procedure.  Complaints that we do not resolve swiftly can greatly add to our workload.

It will help us keep the public at the heart of the process, while enabling us to better understand how to improve how we do our work by learning from complaints.

How to make a complaint

Complaining about a delegated service 

If you would like to complain about a service which the East Lothian IJB has delegated to East Lothian Council or NHS Lothian, for example, adult social work, community justice, physiotherapy, mental health or acute care, please contact the council or NHS Lothian directly:

Complaining, commenting or commenting about the East Lothian Integration Joint Board (IJB)

If you want to give feedback about the East Lothian IJB, please


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