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The Arts Service implements the Council’s Public Art Policy, which includes the Percent for Art scheme.

The aim of the Percent for Art Scheme is to encourage the development of a high quality, well designed environment for people who live and/or work in East Lothian.

To this end, the Council requires developers to commit to the Scheme. As a condition of planning consent, developers have to:

  • Allocate a percentage of their capital spend to fund public artworks and involve an artist in any building project as early as possible.
  • Submit their proposal for Percent for Art to the Arts Service to ensure its quality and suitability.

The Arts Service then works closely with planners to offer advice about how this artistic involvement can be used to influence building design or landscaping features.

Haddington, Gateside Road, Public Art Project - The Commission

East Lothian Council’s Percent for Art Policy has resulted in the sum of £15,000 (net of VAT) being made available by Persimmon Homes for the design, fabrication and installation of an artwork that would provide a focal point between two new housing developments in Haddington.

The Commission

As a key public art project for the Haddington area, Persimmon Homes is keen to commission an artist/maker to design and create an artwork which will fully complement the area and its cultural heritage and will be an exemplar of good practice in the public art field.

The intention is to select an artist before the end of this year (2017) and to commence work on the artwork as soon as feasibly possible.

Full Commission Information Download Here

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