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A number of documents are produced by the Countryside, from working documents - site management plans - through to interpretative guides. Select from the options below;

Countryside News

Quick links to Wildlife Guides

Countryside News

The Countryside Ranger Service posts a monthly Bulletin at all our sites, to let you know what's out and about. This is also available in the East Lothian Courier.

Our quarterly countryside newsletter - Mud in Your Eye! - provides details of what our volunteers will be getting up to, together with information about local countryside sites, issues and wildlife reports.

We have 2 wildlife guides to help you discover and enjoy all things plant and animal.

The Best of East Lothian's Wildlife provides you with our recommended top sites to explore around East Lothian throughout the year. Cost £4.50

The Wildlife guide to Yellowcraig does exactly what it says on the cover - giving you a detailed walk through everything natural you can find in the woods, the grassland and coast of this diverse site. Cost £2.00.

 Both guides can be bought locally or by contacting landscapeandcountryside@eastlothian.gov.uk

Core Path Plan

The Core Path Plan shows you the main routes for walking / cycling and horse riding in the county, shown on 23 large-scale maps. It also provides advice on responsible access in the outdoors.

You can purchase a copy of the Plan, either from local libraries - cost £5.00 - or from us (+£1.50 postage).

Please contact the Outdoor Access Officers on outdooraccess@eastlothian.gov.uk for details.

East Lothian Biodiversity

The East Lothian 2008-2013 Biodiversity Action Plan highlights the priority habitats and species we want to help protect and enhance. Biodiversity and the Curriculum for Excellence is a teacher's guide which provides information and support to teachers who want to teach biodiversity and related topics. Useful links are provided, together with some suggestions for topics to explore.

Copies of either document are available by contacting the biodiversity officer at landscapeandcountryside@eastlothian.gov.uk

Countryside Annual reports

Each year we produce a Countryside Report which provides an overall record of the work undertaken across the Countryside Section.

Site Management plans

The management of all countryside areas is dictated by the operation of either site Management Plans or, (for smaller areas,) Management Statements. Management plans run for 5 years and provide the overall direction for the site's development. A list of site management plans is available and copies are available in local libraries.

In addition, certain sites have Advisory Groups. These comprise a number of conservation and cultural and interest bodies who all assist in agreeing the direction for the site's management. The respective groups meet twice a year and the minutes of meetings are available upon enquiry.

If you would like a copy of a particular site management plan, or minutes of an Advisory Group, please contact us at; landscapeandcountryside@eastlothian.gov.uk

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