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Burial services

Funeral Arrangements

There are a number of forms that have to be completed when someone dies.  The responsibility for the funeral arrangements normally goes to the Executor, or the nearest surviving relative.

You may wish to appoint a Funeral Director to do some of the tasks for you.  The Funeral Director will talk you through the practical arrangements for the collection of the deceased and will make sure you have the necessary medical certificates.

Your Funeral Director can also assist you with the purchase of  a grave, also known as a lair.

Even if you have appointed a Funeral Director you will still have to register the death.   

It is not necessary to appoint a Funeral Director if you are arranging the interment of an ashes casket. Advice on this can be given by contacting the Haddington Registration Team.

East Lothian currently does not have a Crematorium within its boundaries.  The nearest Crematorium is in Edinburgh or the Borders.

East Lothian Council is still keen to encourage provision of a crematorium through the private sector.


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