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A reminder notice is issued if your council tax payments are not paid in accordance with the latest bill issued to you. 

Only two reminder notices will be issued to you in any financial year - these are known as a first reminder and a second reminder.  If you receive two reminder notices in any financial year and then default on your payments for a third time, no further reminder notice will be issued and you will be asked to pay the full balance due on your account. 

If you do receive a reminder notice (either first or second) and do not bring your account up-to-date or contact us to agree a repayment arrangement within seven days, you will receive a final notice. You will lose your right to pay by instalments and we will ask you to pay the full balance due on your account.

If payment is not made within 14 days, a summary warrant will be raised to recover the debt and a 10% statutory surcharge will be added to the outstanding balance on your account.

If the balance remains outstanding, the debt will be passed to a sheriff officer for collection.

We will try to assist you wherever possible if you are having difficulty paying your council tax. We also want to make sure that you are receiving any discount, exemption or council tax reduction scheme award you may be entitled to (previously council tax benefit).

If you have submitted an application for the council tax reduction scheme, you must try to pay any council tax due while waiting for your application to be assessed (previously council tax benefit).


Discounts and exemptions

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Housing benefit and council tax reduction scheme (previously council tax benefit)

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Help with financial difficulties

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