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Tell us about any changes in tenancy or change of address

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Make sure you tell us when tenants move in and out of your property so that we can collect council tax from the correct person.

This enables us to issue a bill while the tenant is still resident and prevents any liability disputes in the future.

You can tell us about a change in tenancy by completing an online form.

Your responsibilities as a landlord

  • Make sure you are registered.

    All private landlords in Scotland must be registered on Scotland's Register of Landlords and you will be asked to provide your landlord registration number to the council tax team.

    To apply, or to renew your registration, visit www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk

    We cannot register a tenant for council tax purposes until you as the owner of the property are fully registered. This means that you will be liable to pay any council tax due up to the date of registration.

  • Make sure you tell us about any change in tenancy within 21 days.

  • Between tenants, you as the property owner are responsible for paying council tax.

  • If you property is empty, unfurnished or unoccupied at any time, you may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax.  You must tell us about this within 21 days as we are unable to award a reduction retrospectively.
    You can so this online.

    Failure to apply within 21 days will result in any reduction only being awarded from the date of application.

Tell us about a change of address

If you are moving into East Lothian, moving out of the area, or moving to a new home within the area, you can inform us of a change of address by selecting one of the following options:

Find out more about council tax valuation bands and charges in East Lothian.

Find out which council tax band a property is in by selecting this link and entering your postcode.

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