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Severe weather - your questions answered

Refuse collection

During severe weather situations, sometimes it is not possible for our refuse collectors to make their usual rounds, for example, when roads are severely flooded, covered in sheet ice or blocked by snow, fallen trees etc.

Our refuse collection teams work in partnership with colleagues in transportation and landscape and countryside management to identify problem routes and restore normal service as soon as possible. This may also involve the renting of smaller vehicles, better suited to hazardous road conditions.

If we cannot empty your bins on the usual day, we will try to empty them the next day or the day after. However, sometimes when roads remain hazardous for some time (i.e., for four to seven days), it is unlikely that we will be able to make a collection that week.

In the case of your bin not being collected on your normal day, please take your wheelie bins back off the pavement to their normal storage place.  This will make the pavement easier to use for pedestrians, and will also enable better access for roads staff clearing roads and pavements.

If you would like to find out about refuse collection in your area during severe weather, phone us on:

  • 01875 824 305 

Or email:

Do it yourself

Some people like to take advantage of improving weather conditions to transport their own rubbish to their local recycling centre. Please only do this if your vehicle is suitable and you are sure that the road conditions are good enough.

Recycling Box Covers 

Please make sure you present each box with a cover, especially during wet or windy weather.

This will help to stop the materials blowing away and ensure the paper and cardboard don’t get wet, since this can make it difficult to separate them for recycling. Recycling Box Covers  are available from the Council’s Area Offices, your local library or by calling 01875 824 305.

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