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Tackling Poverty and Inequality

Equality at East Lothian Council

East Lothian Council believes that equality is a fundamental rights that everyone should have. We take our responsibility to take equality in account when delivering our services seriously and believe that equality of opportunity should underpin everything we do.

East Lothian Council Equality Plan 2017-21

The purpose of the Equality Plan is to clearly state the Council's commitment to equality and diversity and to demonstrate how we are meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. Together with the action plan, it identifies key priorities for achieving improved equality outcomes in a targeted and consistent way across the Council. It also contains the commitments of East Lothian Licensing Board and East Lothian Council acting as Education Authority.

East Lothian Council mainstreaming report outlines the progress the Council has made on advancing equality of opportunity in our services and employment practices. It includes examples of good practice and information about how equality is taken into account across Council services and decision making processes.

Read the Council’s 2013-2015 progress reports on mainstreaming equality and achieving our outcomes:

Equality Impact Assessments

East Lothian Council has recently launched a new way of undertaking equality impact assessments. The new process sets equality considerations alongside our social policy objectives (e.g. tackling poverty) and also considers the impact of our decisions in relation to the environment and the economy. The new process is called Integrated Impact Assessment and it will be also be used by The East Lothian Partnership and the Integrated Joint Board.

You can download a copy of the IIA Guidance and Form here

As a public sector organisation we are required to assess the impact of our decisions and policies on equalities groups; we are also required to publish the results. Below is a link to all completed Equality Impact Assessments. 

LGBT Helpline Scotland

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