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Postal Vote FAQs

How do I apply for a postal vote?

You will need to fill in a postal vote application form.  You can get a form from the Electoral Registration Office (ERO) on 0131 344 2500. Anyone on the electoral register can apply for a postal vote; as long as you are individually registered.The last date to apply for a postal vote is 23 May.

Your postal vote pack will contain:

  • 1 ballot paper
  • a postal voting statement (you must fill in your date of birth and signature)
  • an “A” envelope to put your completed ballot papers in
  • a “B” envelope to return everything (pre-paid, no stamp required)

Where can I get my postal vote sent?

It can be sent to your home address or to any other address that you give. Postal votes can be sent overseas, but you need to consider whether there will be enough time to receive and return your postal vote pack by polling day.

When will I get my postal vote?

There will be more than one issue of postal votes; the first batch will be issued on 22/23 May.  If applying for a postal vote you need to consider when you are actually going away, i.e. if you have asked for your postal vote to go to your home address you need to be at home to receive it.  If you have applied for your postal vote early you will be in the first issue, however if you have applied nearer the deadline of 23 May you will be in a later issue.  You may wish to consider a proxy vote if you are unsure.

Why haven’t I received my postal vote?

You should receive your postal vote pack from 23 May onwards. If necessary, you can contact the ERO on 0131 344 2500 to check you are registered as a postal voter.

I applied for a postal vote but now want to vote in person, can I do this?

Up until 23 May you can change to vote in person by contacting the ERO on 0131 344 2500. After this date it is too late to change.

I have received, and completed, my postal vote, when should I return it?

Postal votes should be returned as soon as possible but must be received by close of poll (10pm on polling day).

I have applied for a postal vote but not yet received it and I am going to be away from home soon, what can I do?

Up until 23 May you can apply to change your postal vote to a proxy vote – phone the ERO on 0131 344 2500 to arrange this.  After this date your postal vote cannot be changed. 

I received my postal vote but have now lost or spoilt it, how can I get a replacement?

Contact the election helpline 01875 824300 for advice.

I have applied for a postal vote, can I still vote at the polling station?

No - but on Polling Day you can return your postal vote to the polling station before 10pm (or to the Returning Officer) if you no longer want to post it or if it is too late to post

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