East Lothian Council

The Curriculum for Excellence... where do we go in East Lothian?

What will it mean for your child?

Our implementation strategy for A Curriculum for Excellence in East Lothian is firmly based upon improving the quality of learning and teaching.

  • Boys climbing up a tree.We will give your child the best possible start by working in partnership with you to develop their enthusiasm and confidence as learners (e.g. pre-school, nursery and early years of primary school).
  • We will work together to ensure that your child is literate by the end of Primary 6 (if a child can't read by Primary 6 their ability to access the rest of their curriculum is severely limited).
  • We will ensure that your child develops confidence and competence in numeracy in all parts of their curriculum.
  • We will maintain a strong focus on your child's health and wellbeing throughout their school career.
  • Your child will get the chance to personalise their own curriculum to enable them to follow their own interests and passions.
  • We will recognise and encourage your child's wider achievements - both in and out of school.
  • We will create a secondary school curriculum which builds upon your child's primary school experience.
  • The first three years at secondary school will focus upon ensuring that your child has developed a set of skills for life, work and learning which will make them "employable".
  • We will create an upper secondary school curriculum which will enable your child to have a much greater chance of maximising their success in formal qualifications, preparing them for further academic work, or leading them directly towards employment.
  • We will ensure that your child's upper secondary school experience is "outward" facing to prepare them for joining society, their local community, higher/further education and the world of work.

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