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It’s time to get ready for winter

Published Thursday 23rd October 14

Ready for winter?

The Scottish Government and British Red Cross’s ‘Ready for Winter?’ campaign kicks off this week, with the message being not to become complacent after the past two years mild winters.

The campaign is aimed at ensuring people are ready in their homes, workplaces, communities and when they travel for whatever weather we experience this winter.

Research commissioned by the Scottish Government and the British Red Cross ahead of the 2014/15 winter has found that two consecutive relatively mild winters appear to have made people in Scotland less worried about severe weather incidents, and the government is urging against complacency this year.

East Lothian Council are urging people to take time now to prepare for winter rather than wait until severe weather strikes.

Angela Leitch, Chief Executive of East Lothian Council, said:  

“East Lothian Council is happy to lend our support to the Scottish Government and British Red Cross’s ‘Ready for Winter?’ campaign.

Although recent winters have been relatively mild, over the past five years most parts of Scotland have been affected by severe weather ranging from snow and freezing temperatures to high winds and flooding. We cannot stop adverse weather, but if we take the time now to prepare then we will be in the best position to tackle any problems we face over the winter, whether that’s at home, at work or when travelling.

We have also been working closely with all community councils to advise how they can be practically involved during periods of severe weather.”

The Scottish Government-commissioned research found that 40 per cent of Scots surveyed said that they were concerned about emergencies caused by treacherous weather conditions, down from almost half of those questioned a year ago.

The survey also found that almost nine out of ten car owners believe they are prepared for an emergency, largely because three-quarters carry an ice-scraper and de-icer and that seven percent had experienced an extreme weather emergency in the past year, with higher levels in rural areas. Of these, two-fifths claimed they got together with neighbours to help them cope.

The campaign sets out the simple steps we can all take in the home, before a journey (whether driving, cycling or on foot), at work and in our communities. It also encourages people to look out for and help more vulnerable people in their community, as well as reminding businesses of the need to be prepared, and reminding people to be safe when going out during winter.

For more information visit: www.readyscotland.org.

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