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East Lothian Council Library Service introduce a Borrower Policy

Published Wednesday 23rd March 16

East Lothian Library Service

A new Borrower Policy will be introduced for all members of East Lothian Council Library Service with effect from April 2016.

The Borrower Policy has been designed to bring people together with the information they need and to maintain the most liberal lending policy possible without allowing borrowers to abuse their borrowing rights to the detriment of others.

In October 2015, an amnesty was held as it was identified that a significant number of overdue books, DVDs and CDs were missing from East Lothian Libraries.  There was also around £27,000 in combined fines/charges outstanding.

From April 2016 the Library Service will have a new policy which should reduce the ability of Library borrowers to run up library fines or hold overdue books for any length of time.  The Library Service spends around £200,000 a year on the purchase of new books and Library resources.

The new policy will introduce a series of overdue reminders, either sent by email or by post, to prompt library members to return overdue items. The first reminder will be sent three days before an item is due for return. If, after three reminders items are not returned, invoices will be sent for replacement costs.

View the policy at www.eastlothian.gov.uk/BorrowerPolicy

Over the last few years, East Lothian Council Library Service has been working on developing a digital library service for library members with e-Books, e-Audio, e-Newspapers, e-Magazines and a number of on-line training courses available. The beauty of using the digital library is that there are no fees, no fines and no chance of having any overdue items!

East Lothian Council runs 12 Branch libraries and lends in the region of half a million (500,000) items a year.

More information on the Library Service, including e-Resources can be found at www.eastlothian.gov.uk/libraries

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