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Published Monday 27th February 17

East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership

East Lothian Integration Joint Board hears that East Lothian is performing better than the Scottish Average

East Lothian Integration Joint Board at their meeting of 23rd February 2016 considered a report on how well the East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP) was performing against national indicators set by the Scottish Government.

The performance measures are wide-ranging and cover areas such as how well people are able to manage their health, positive patient and service-user experience, premature mortality rates, emergency admissions to hospital, length of hospital stay and delayed discharges.

ELHSCP is performing above the Scottish average in 12 of the 19 measures; is around the Scottish average on four, and is slightly below average on a further three. The evidence shows that the majority of people looked after at home have a positive experience of services that help them to feel safe and live as independently at home as possible. Over 80% of people supported at home felt that their health and social care services are well co-ordinated. Premature mortality rates are lower in East Lothian and emergency admissions to hospital lower than the Scottish average. Eighty-four per cent of people felt that they had a positive experience of care at their GP practice. This is slightly lower than the national average.

ELHSCP and our local medical practices have been working together with GPs and NHS policy makers from across the Lothians since September 2016. Their remit is to look at how to address the pressures on primary care, including how to improve patient access to medical advice and support and improving the patient experience. We are also focusing great effort on resolving issues around delayed discharge. ELHSCP has been on an improving trend over the last year and we are committed to using our integrated teams and resources to achieve lasting solutions, for example, with Hospital To Home and Hospital At Home, that will enable more people to leave hospital more quickly and receive appropriate care and support at home or closer to home.

East Lothian IJB Chair Councillor Donald Grant said:

‘The East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership has achieved a great deal over the past year. Our teams are much nearer to achieving full integration and we are already delivering joined-up services to our service-users and patients. We are already shifting the balance of care.

‘This report is incredibly useful as it enables us to learn from our strengths and apply that learning, commitment and very good practice to those areas where we could and should be doing better. It does show that we are beginning to make an impact and achieve our vision of best health, best care, best value for our communities.’

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