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Launch of My East Lothian App

Published Thursday 8th June 17

East Lothian App

A new App has been launched to help residents and visitors find information and report matters requiring action to East Lothian Council.

My East Lothian, which is now available to download on mobile phones and other handheld devices, is an easy and accessible way of contacting the council – particularly useful while on the move.

The App can be used to alert the council to issues such as fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, noise nuisance, food safety, housing conditions or any concerns in relation to public health and the environment.  It is expected to evolve to include more services in time.

Information on local attractions and events can also be accessed through a link to the Visit East Lothian website.

“We receive a significant number of enquiries from the public alerting us to issues which require investigation and action by the council,” explains Derek Oliver, Service Manager for Environmental Health.

“Many people, of course, are happy to contact us by telephone or email. But in this day and age it’s rightly expected that you should be able to engage with councils and other organisations through digital technology.

“East Lothian is a special and fantastic place to live and work – and we all want to play our part in keeping it that way. The council has many staff out and about throughout the county working hard to deliver our essential services and maintain an attractive and clean county.

“There are occasions when local residents or indeed visitors are first to spot issues requiring our attention. My East Lothian enables you to alert us to something encountered or spotted on your travels – whether it’s an abandoned vehicle or fly-tipping. You can submit photographs – and use the interactive map that pin points the exact location of concern, which means we can see exactly what and where you’re reporting and respond as quickly as possible

“But it’s not just about reporting information to us. You can use the App to access a wealth of information about different services and find out what’s happening in the area. With many attractions and fantastic local events, we hope this will be useful to residents and visitors alike.”

The App is available to download from the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android) – simply search for My East Lothian.

User feedback is greatly appreciated and there is an online form within the app which can be filled in to help the council identify how the App might be improved.

The council has a number of other digital projects underway, including work on a new website which will be increasingly user-friendly and easier to view on handheld devices.

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