Following the recent relaxation of covid restrictions community centres and facilities are gradually reopening and programmes of well-being activities are being developed to support priority groups within our communities.

Opening hours depend on staff being available however, including our cleaning and caretaking services so buildings are clean and safe. Our Connected Communities team is doing our best to ensure appropriate staffing cover so facilities can open for essential and priority activities.

As we continue to operate in a world impacted heavily by covid, East Lothian’s population (as at April 2022) is still badly affected with positive cases. This impacts on our staffing levels with: covid related staffing absences, ‘normal’ sickness, planned staff absence for annual leave and staff vacancies. This means that as we help communities recover and bring back activities for all age groups and interests, there are ongoing staffing pressures which mean we regrettably have to make daily adjustments to the operating arrangements and opening hours of our facilities. Like asking our staff to move between buildings and adjust their working patterns to honour as many existing activities and bookings as we can.

For these reasons, to find out about activities and events in your local community centre contact the centre directly for the most up to date information about what’s on and when.

Information about each community centre is listed on this page - just click on the community centre. If you don’t see your local community facility listed contact us for more information at

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