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Licence type
Who should apply?

If you wish to sell anything in a public place you will need to apply for a Street Trader's Licence.


Temporary - 6 Weeks - £75.00

Full 3 Year Licence - £273.00

Duplicate licence - £27.00

Variation - £64.00


Before you apply

Along with the application form you are required to submit a passport size photograph and a copy of your Food Safety Compliance Certificate.

Please be aware of the following:-

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have any necessary consent for where you intend to trade from before you start to trade.  If you plan to trade in an area that is owned by the council, please contact 01620 827827 and ask for Landscape and Countryside department. 
  2. You are advised to contact the Planning Department to see if planning permissions are required before you trade.  Planning Duty Officer 01620 827216.
  3. Contact East Lothian Council Transportation Division 01875 824305 for an application for a permit to occupy part of a street/layby.
  4. For information on Food Safety contact East Lothian Council Public Health and Protection on 01620 827365.



Street trader application form 

Please ensure the guidance notes are read before completing the application form.

What happens after we receive your application?

A copy of your application will be forwarded to Police Scotland and the Council's Food & Satety Division.


It is an offence to trade in public without a relevant licence.

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