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Licence type
Who should apply?

A licence is needed if you intend to have entertainment such as a dance, concert, variety show or other entertainment in any place, where members of the public are to be admitted.

A licence is needed for any place, even if held outside. Examples of the type of activity requiring such a licence include:

Dancing establishments

Billiards, snooker or pool halls

Any exhibition to which the Hypnotism Act 1952 applies

Exhibitions of objects such as paintings, sculptures, drawings or historical artefacts

Exhibitions of persons, including but not limited to boxing, wrestling, cage fighting or martial arts

Event Organisers are also required to complete the form available at



Temp Public Entertainment Licence – up to 500 persons £185.00
Temp Public Entertainment licence   500  - 2000 persons £370.00
Temp Public Entertainment licence 2001 - 5000 persons £555.00
Temp Public Entertainment Licence  - Over 5000 £740.00
Duplicate Licence £25.00
Grant of Full Public Entertainment licence – 3 years  £525.00
Grant of Full Public Entertainment Licence for Multi activity Indoor and Outdoor Facility. £1,500.00
Duplicate Licence £25.00
Variation £60.00
Indoor Sports Entertainment £225.00
Duplicate Licence £25.00
Variation £60.00


Before you apply

A risk assessment and public liability insurance are required

What happens after we receive your application?

We will send a copy of your application to the Police and East Lothian Council officers for comments.

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