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Licence type
Who should apply?
If you want to put on a play or other type of performance like a ballet or dancing show in public, you will need a Theatre Licence. This is needed even if the show is free of charge and whether or not it is held in premises or outside.

Grant/Renewal of Theatre Application - £383.00

Temp Theatre application - £191.00

Duplicate licence - £27.00

Variation - £64.00

Before you apply

There are two types of Theatre Licence. A full licence is for a place where you might hold a lot of plays or performances like a church hall and it lasts for 1 year.  A temporary licence is for a one off show, which can last for one night or as long as your show is running but it can't be longer than 6 weeks. 

You must complete the application form and submit it with the fee to the licensing section. 

What happens after we receive your application?
We will send a copy of your application to the Police and East Lothian Council officers.
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