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Licence type
Who should apply?

If you want to show films, including recorded films, performances, children's films, etc, in a public place you will need a Cinema Licence - Please contact Licensing for an application form.

A licence is not needed for showing films

i) in a private house, where members of the public are not admitted.

ii) Non commercial film exhibitions where the public are not admitted.

ii) exempted societies or organisations.

Bona-fida fundraising Societies/organisations which hold more than six a year, may require an exemption certificate from the Scottish Government.

Occasional film showings, where premises are used on no more than six days in the calendar year, the organisation/society require to inform in writing/email of where and when the event is taking place.    






Please contact Licensing Office for fee.

Before you apply

Fill in the application form and provide the fee. 

If non-commercial and showing films less than six a year a letter notifying the Licensing Authority is required, they will then notify the police and fire officer, their is no fee.

If more than the showing of six films a year for organisations then an exemption is required from the Scottish Government.




To apply for a Cinema Licence please email licensing at

What happens after we receive your application?

We will send a copy of your application to the Police and East Lothian Council officers.

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