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Who should apply?

Small societies can hold a lottery to raise funds for their organisation. A small society organisation must be:

  • for charitable purposes or
  • for the purpose of enabling participation in, or supporting of, sport, athletics or a cultural activity or
  • for any other non-commercial purpose other than that of private gain

Many societies and organisations use lotteries for fundraising, such as totes, draws, raffles etc. If you intend to hold any of these types of fundraising event you will need to apply for a licence.


Registration of Small Society fee - £40.00

Continuation of Small Society fee - £20.00

Registration runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.

Before you apply

To apply for the first time, you will need to fill in the application form and send it to the Licensing Office along with the fee.

A returns form is required to be completed for every lottery you hold and must be completed and returned to us within 3 months from the date when the draw took place.


Small society lottery registration form

After you have had the event you will need to complete a lottery returns form that you with need to send to licensing. Email:

What happens after we receive your application?

A copy of your application will be sent to the police and may be copied to East Lothian Council Officials. If granted, the licence will be in force until 31st of December of the year you apply.

To renew, simply send in a letter with any amendments if required of committee members and enclose the fee. This must be done before 31st of December of the following year.

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