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Scottish Housing Quality Standard

The Scottish Housing Quality Standard

The Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) sets out the standards that all homes in the social rented sector are expected to meet by 2015. Details of the SHQS are available on the archived Communities Scotland website.

Stock transfer

The Scottish Government is currently formulating policy on stock transfer in the light of responses to Firm Foundations.

Firm Foundations states that for local authorities, transferring all or part of their stock to a registered social landlord (RSL) created for the purpose remains a possibility.

The Scottish Government has no objection in principle to this course and would be prepared to consider proposals for full or partial transfers, particularly in cases that qualify for the Treasury to write-off the debt associated with the stock being transferred.

But the Scottish Government is prepared to consider such proposals only where they have the support of tenants and are based upon a business case that demonstrates how the receiving RSL will acquire the capacity and resources to comply without additional financial support from the Scottish Government.

Page updated: Monday, June 2, 2008