No matter who you are and where you live it’s unlikely that your life wasn’t affected by this year’s events. 2020 really hasn’t been the year we’d all planned.

We’ve all had to cancel events, holidays, normal life and more and it continues to be a time of concern yet locally we’ve seen some fantastic examples of community spirit. Neighbours, organisations and individuals have supported local people and developed links that will help us work together for a brighter future.

For Book Week Scotland this year we’d like to hear about your 2020.  How was lockdown for you? How did your life change? Is your banana bread to die for? What were your parents’ home-schooling skills like? Did you paint a rainbow or add to a rock snake? Did you volunteer in your community or were you shielding and in receipt of some support?

Whatever life was like for you, let us know using this form.

If you would rather record an audio clip to share

You can email an audio file to us at: Put the words 'Book Week Scotland' in the email header.