Application for Discretionary Housing Payments

To be considered for a DHP award you must first be entitled to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit with the housing element and show that your housing costs are causing financial difficulty. We will always consider your individual circumstances.

The UK government gives a fixed sum for DHP payments. We cannot promise a payment will be made. Awards generally may be made on a short term basis but we will take all your financial and family circumstances into account when we decide the length of time of your award.

Discretionary Housing Payments cannot be awarded for charges due to heating, lighting, meals, laundry and other day-to-day expenses.

There is an option at the end of the form to send us scanned documents.

In order that we can deal with your enquiry quickly and fully, please provide as much information as you can. Failure to provide all of the information requested may result in a delay and we may need to contact you again for more information.

How we use the information you provide.


5. Home type (Required)
10. Are you in receipt of
12. Have you asked your Landlord to reduce your rent?
14. Are you in arrears with your rent?
16. Are you in arrears with your Council Tax?
20. Are there any non dependants in the household?