East Lothian Council

Repairs and Improvement in Council Housing

Tenant Repair responsibilities

As a tenant you are responsible for the following repairs:

• All internal decoration, including wall tiles
• All paving and hard standing not included in Our Responsibilities on page *
• Attempting to clear plumbing blockages in the first instance
• Blocked waste-traps caused by neglect
• Cleaning of communal stairs and passageways as per local arrangements
• Doorbells that were not installed by us
• Fitting additional locks
• Maintaining fittings or fixtures that you have installed with our consent (except those where the Council takes on maintenance responsibility after one year – please see our Landlords Consent booklet)
• Maintenance of fences, gates, driveways, all paving and hard standing not included in Our Responsibilities on page * and any garden structure including patio, decking or chips that you have installed with our permission or taken responsibility for at the start of your tenancy
• Regular testing of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replacing their batteries where required
• Repairing minor cracks an holes in walls and ceilings that can be reasonably filled before decoration
• Replacing or repairing small fixtures and fittings such as coat hooks, stoppers and chains for sinks
• Resetting tripped switches, replacing fuses, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs unless it is communal stair lighting
• Television aerials, satellite dishes, internet communication equipment and reception equipment where not installed by the Council
• Uplifting and re-laying of floor coverings, including laminate floors, for access where required by our tradesperson/s
• Uplifting broken glass (unless caused by vandalism, which has been reported to the local police)
• Connection of gas hobs/ovens

East Lothian Council, John Muir House Brewery Park Haddington East Lothian EH41 3HA.