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Repairs and Improvement in Council Housing

Gaining access in an emergency

This topic is about what happens if the Council needs to get into your home to put right something which you may not have reported to us, but which may be affecting another tenant, or it is work which is part of a planned major repairs programme. It could also be because you have not responded to repeated requests for access, to service your central heating, or other necessary maintenance. For information on reporting repairs to us in an emergency, go to our 'Getting Repairs Done' topic.

Emergency procedures

In accordance with the law, we have an access procedure for situations where we need to carry out urgent work in a property. We will hand deliver an appointment letter to your home at least 24 hours before access is needed. If you are not at home at the time and date specified in this letter, we will enter the property. In these cases, we may charge an administration fee to cover our expenses and the associated costs (for example, changing the locks). You have a right to appeal this recharge using our Feedback Form, available from our Customer Liaison Officer on 01875 618652 (please see the topic on rechargeable repairs)

What to do if you cannot be at home

If you are unable to be in or to arrange for someone to be in the property at the date and time given in the letter, you must contact us immediately on 01875 824311.

What to do if your locks have been changed

If you find that the locks on your house have been changed, following a forced entry, please collect the new keys from your local area housing office. A charge will be levied. If you discover you are locked out, outside office hours, and you have nowhere else to stay, please contact the Councils Homelessness emergency line 0800 169 1611 and explain your circumstances to the duty officer.

More information

You can find out more in the Guide to the Repairs & Maintenance Policy

If you want to know more about your housing options, click on the link or call 01620 827827 and ask for your Local Housing Office - they will be happy to help

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